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openAAL is a open-source distribution of the middleware universAAL. The universAAL architecture is an EU research project funded by the european community´s seventh framework programme. The distribution will be developed in several releases by the FZI. Currently openAAL is used and extended with a contex management component in the project AHEAD - Augmented Hearing for elderly people. Contact person for the openAAL distribution is Nicole Merkle. Intention of the distribution is to create a platform on which developer can create and publish use cases and integrate different services and devices. To accomplish this the platform uses ontologies for modelling the appropriate domain in which it is working. The context management component provides context history to registered (mobile) applications and services. It is interoperable with different other platforms. This is possible because it provides standardized interfaces.

About openAAL

openAAL is a powerful platform for developing, testing, running and maintaining Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) environments. It is desigend fot the use in research projects and in the prototyping of AAL services.

openAAL is a distribution based on the EU-funded project universAAL (forge). It consists of core modules developed in universAAL and adds modules developed by FZI. Technically the middleware can be divided in two important subsystems. On the one hand developers can use the so called context manager which allows them so send and receive context events. These context events can be everything in the range between low-level sensor events (e.g. a light was switched on) and high-level events (e.g. the person X entered room Y). On the other hand the middleware provides the service registry which allows developers to offer and consume services created by them or other developers.

About FZI

FZI is a technology transfer center for information technologies which is closely linked to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which is one of the universities of excellence in Germany. FZI covers a broad range of information technology topics. For the project, the Information Process Engineering (IPE) research division will be involved, which is renowned for its research in the area of ontologies, Semantic Web technologies and context-aware systems (e.g., in the fields of AAL, and learning, knowledge management). FZI is W3C member and actively involved in the standardization of the Ontology Web Language (OWL).

FZI has a strong record of transferring research results into industrial practice, both through its spin-off companies and by contract research with industrial partners. FZI additionally is the focal point of a network of more than 100 IT companies within the high-tech region of Karlsruhe.

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The current stabile version of the openAAL middleware combines some bundles from universAAL with the FHEM framework. On top the powerful control panel support the installation and customization of AAL services according. The result is a state of the art AAL middleware connectable to several different types of hardware.

AAL Services


This section gives an overview about available AAL services running on top of openAAL:

  • Info Frame - shows RSS news (mail, weather, news etc.) on a website.