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Role of this tool

This tools grants the user an overview of the devices in the AHEAD environment. It uses the webservice service for visualization purposes. There are differernt House State scenarios:

  • Key reminder: Key was forgotten to take, before the user leaves home he/she will be informed by the AHEAD system.
  • Security check: if windows are open, when user is leaving home, then the user will be informed to close the windows.
  • Energy check: if lights were let on. The AHEAD system will switch off the lights, when user is leaving home and informs the user about this.
  • Weather: Before user leaves home, the weather service gives the user a clothing recommendation.

Overview of functionality

Shows the device states either on a graphical overview or in list form.


Screenshot of the house status bundle displaying a warning about an opened front door. The integrated Jetty webserver provides the house status as a webpage on the local machine.

Installation and Usage guide

Please look in the Tutorials section for this:

Tutorials: How to install the House State bundle


  • Alexander Schwende
  • Michel Frigge
  • Can Yumusak
  • Vitaly Melnikov

Release history

Release 0.2

New features implemented Graphical overview of the devies with icons
Limitations and problems fixed none yet
Known remaining limitations and problems Uses it's own history manager yet, will use CHE soon
Features not yet implemented Graphical definition of device positions

See also

Current work, FS20SensorIntegration