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FZI House of Living Labs

The FZI House of Living Labs is a research environment on 2000 sqm. in the center of Karlsruhe, where researchers from FZI and their partners can develop and test new applications in an integrated research environment with the latest communication technologies and equipment as well as vehicles, devices and building technologies. Thereby new solutions and experimental technologies can be tested with the help of scientists and in real-life scenarios.

Current FZI Living Labs:

- FZI Living Lab Automotive
- FZI Living Lab smartAutomation
- FZI Living Lab smartEnergy
- FZI Living Lab smartHome/Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
- FZI Living Lab mobileIT/mobileBusiness
- FZI Living Lab smartMobility 
- FZI Living Lab Service Robotics

FZI Living Lab smartHOME/AAL


The FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL was build as a two-room apartment and a rooms for nursering services and telemedicine. The apartment is furnished with several sensors, actuators and household alliances of several manufacturers. Much of the used equipment provides additional functions for smartHome and AAL by data networking or remote control. The smartHome/AAL provides users to discuss, develop and test solutions under realistic conditions.

The FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL is focused on:

 - Using of innovative sensors to detect emergency situations
 - Raise security and comfort by using intelligent house automation
 - Monitoring of activity to identify user behavior 
 - Cross-linking of systems from different manufacturers and different ranges of duty
 - Energy Managment
 - Researching of flexible and easy to maintain infrastructure systems
 - Care and Case Management tools