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Role of this tool

Infoframe was developed to creates an image RSS feed with various information: mail, weather, other rss feeds (news, blogs etc). You can use this feed to display important information on digital photo frame (like Kodak W1020).


Overview of functionality

The output RSS feed can be found under /rss in Infoframe project folder. If running on a web server RSS feed is available under http://*yourservername*/infoframe.rss

Provided Services

  • WeatherPlugin: adds weather information to Infoframe RSS feed by using Google Weather API
  • MailPlugin: allows to check your mailbox and shows new mails
  • FeedPlugin: allows to add you favorite feeds to Infoframe RSS output
  • CalendarPlugin [work in progress]: add your google calendar information to Infoframe RSS feed

Installation guide

Important: To use InfoFrame you should edit config file (/config/config.ini). Please note: you may need some http server (like apache or jetty) to run Infoframe!

If you want to use Infoframe in Eclipse just import de.fzi.uc.infoframe (available on the openaal SVN) to your workspace. To run Infoframe project please check following bundles: Datei:Infoframe bundles.jpg

Prerequisites and dependencies

To run Infoframe outside of Eclipse make sure that Infoframe can access the following packages:

  • javax.servlet
  • javax.servlet.http
  • org.osgi.framework
  • org.osgi.service.http
  • org.osgi.util.tracker

How to config Kodak W1020 digital frame

Full information about Kodak W1020 you can find here

1. Install Kodak EasyShare Software (CD in your Kodak W1020 package)

2. Make sure to connect digital frame to wlan (More info here)

3. Add RSS Infoframe feed to Web Media (More info here

4. Infoframe RSS feed is now avalaible Web Media

Release History

New features implemented Widescreen support, Text scaling, CE comments
Limitations and problems fixed "Umlaut-Problem", Error messages
Known remaining limitations and problems CalendarPlugin not ready to use
Features not yet implemented pointerY overflow