Plant Care

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Function of the use case

PlantCare indicates wheater plants have enough water or should be watered. Thereby plants can be provided from drying out.

Summary of the functions

It is possible to observe up to five plants where every plant has one out of three possible states. The states are illustrated by the colors green, yellow or red and a textual message. Green means that the plant has enough water, yellow stands for an dry situation and yellow means that the plant is dried out. Also are the target degree of humidity, the name of the plant and the room in which the plant is shown. An additional number shows the Time-To-Live of the plant. The Time-To-Live number represents the number of tolerated sensor events till the plants is declared to be death. The screenshot shows the view on PlantCare:


Installation and use instructions

PlantCare is installed over the openAAL system control. The monitor can be found at http://raspberry-pi-IP:8080/plantcare after PlantCare has been installed and configured successfully.

Installations- und Gebrauchsanleitung


Vitaly Melnikov