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SOPRANO stands for "Service-oriented Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans". It was a EU-founded project supposed to help elder people living an independent live in their own home. The project ended in February 2011.


ICT based technologies are already part of many people´s everyday live. However, many devices and services are to complex or to novel for older people, so that they can not use them. Additionally many older people are willing to accept assistance but do not want to loose liability of their home to outsiders. SOPRANO tries to combine new abilities of ICT software to communicate with the user in a more "person-to-person" way and giving the user a better possibility to say what information is transferred outside. The aim of SOPRANO is not only to help elderly people in case of need but to improve the quality of their live in general.


SOPRANO acts neither as a traditional "smart home" system just receiving commands of the users nor as a "remote care" system by alerting staff in case of need. Instead of that SOPRANO takes orders, give advice or reminders and get help when needed. Of course not all users will accept all parts of SOPRANO. Therefore the SOPRANO system is modular and it´s services are scalable