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Contribute software

  • IPR managers archive
    • This is the archive of delegations. Each partner that contributes software, either as Foreground or as Background, must upload a document signed by the legal representative. The document delegates one eRoom member as the person authorized to add entries to the IPR directory.
    • Link in eRoom: [1]
  • Software IPR directory
    • The IPR directory is where we store intellectual property information about software.
    • It is of paramount importance that any piece of software used and produced in the universAAL consortium be registered here. For work produced inside the consortium (Foreground) an entry should be created even before the first line of code is written.
    • Explanations for the exact meanings of each field are given when you press the "new entry" button above this text, on the left.
    • Link in eRoom: [2]


  • Disclaimer (Example)
    • At the top of a class
  • License File (Text)
    • In the root directory of a maven artefact.
  • Notice File (Example)
    • In the root directory of a maven artefact.
  • Example structure:

Eclipse Project Structure

universAAL integration and testing strategy and issue tracker

  • Example: "universAAL Development Environment and Coding Standards"
  • Link in eRoom: [3]

SVN update

Before SVN update please

  • discuss all changes with expert groups.
  • check if changes influence other implementations.

Code Conventions

  • Implementation order (Proposal by Carsten Stocklöw):
    • variables
    • constructors
    • methods
  • Be aware of
    • Java Code Style Formatting
    • Java Doc