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Function of the openAAL SystemTool

The openAAL SystemTool is used to install, deinstall, update and configure AAL use cases.

Description of the components

The SystemTool is built up of several OSGI bundles and modules that all are needed for different tasks. The bundles are used to implement the MVC Pattern. The following bundles are used:

  • org.openaal.system.model
  • org.openaal.system.frontend
  • org.openaal.system.database
  • org.openaal.system.controller
  • org.openaal.system.fhem.api
  • org.google.gson
  • org.openaal.configuration.model
  • org.openaal.configuration.configinstancesstorage
  • org.openaal.configuration.configdefinitionregistry
  • org.openaal.configuration.configurator
  • org.openaal.vaadin.themes

Running the openAAL SystemTool in Eclipse

If you want to extends the SystemTool it is recommended to load the additional bundles from the SVN and import them into eclipse. Additionally to the bundles there is a targetproject with all needed Thirs-Party Libraries. After the OSGI projects have been imported and the target platform was set into the workspace the bundles can be executed with an existing run-configuration. With an click on the eclipse console instructions can be send. For example the instruction ss shows all runnable bundles, their states and their Bundle-IDs. start and stop allow to start or stop running bundles.