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The FHEM Java API builds a bridge between FHEM and Java so that FHEM-applications can be written in Java. See FHEMJavaAPI for more details. This interface uses the module TheOpenTransporter for FHEM in order to open an network-interface.


The project was started in line with a diploma thesis on the Forschungszentrum für Informatik in Karlsruhe. It´s intention was to provide the full possibility of FHEM in Java. Therefore the OpenSource Modul "TheOpenTransporter" for FHEM with the serialization for JSON was used. TheOpenTransporter allows to access the contents of FHEM via HTTP. To allow an comfortable handling with the interfaces the methods were executed via a normal HTTP Get command and uploaded via HTTP Post. For an easy using an exemplary vaadin user interface was appended to the project. Since vaadin is an powerful utility for designing web interfaces in Java, the user interface can be adapted more circumstantial than it was done in this first version.


On Google Code the project is available in different variants.

 * First of all an ready-compiled library can be found on the "Download" rubric.
 * Additionally an standalone version with an graphical interface lies in the "Source" area. It does not need any additional libraries to work.
 * In line with the diploma thesis the whole project was additionally written for OSGI. The differences are marginal but allow the modular turning-on and -off besides the GUI. Thus it is possible to form an Swing-userinterface e.c. The needed libraries are allocated in the "target" directory. 

Fast Access

In the Wiki further Tutorials and concepts, which should help with the access, were introduced.




Using the Interface


Server Communication