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UniversAAL is part of the european community´s seventh framework programme. The project started on February 1st 2010 and is scheduled for 48 months.

The objective of universAAL is to make developing and using of AAL solutions feasible and practical. Therefore new developments and state-of-the-art knowledge of existing projects will be merged.


- Create a complete suite of software components for developing and running AAL applications.

- Design and promote the universAAL developer depot, a collection of useful components for developing and integrating AAl services, as well as the uStore, an app-marketplace where on the one hand new AAL services can be published and on the other hand services can be founded.

- Design the platform to be open and release the project under an open source license.

long-term objective

For a long-term impact the ambition is to create, together with other projects, AALOA. AALOA is intended to be a non-pofit AAL organisation where individuals, institutions and the industry can meet and ideas can rise.


The project´s webpage

Brochure about universAAL(pdf)