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Role of this tool

The Uaal Creator (Eclipse Plug-In) creates a *.uaal file containing required bundles and the usecase configuration ontology.

Overview of functionality

When the Uaal Creator is started via the context menu or the icon Datei:Uaalcreator icon.png, the following view is opened:


Here you can add all the required bundles by clicking the first button.

The second button allows you to add a configuration ontology.

When this is all done, you can create a *.uaal file of this by clicking the third button.

Installation guide

Prerequisites and dependencies

  • No dependencies on other universAAL plugins.
  • The Uaal Creator was tested with Eclipse 3.7.1, Java 6, Windows 7 64bit.

Tool installation procedure

Release history

Responsible: Alexander Schwende

Release 1.0

New features implemented Create a *.uaal file containing your usecase
Limitations and problems fixed none
Known remaining limitations and problems none
Features not yet implemented none